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One heck of a pic my fellow Brit ^^ I hope you keep up the good content Oh and I believe I owe you my, and potentially everyone elses's...

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One heck of a pic my fellow Brit ^^ I hope you keep up the good content

Oh and I believe I owe you my, and potentially everyone elses's, thanks for not making the picture overly stereotypical on our part by spamming Tea everywhere (Or Irn Brew, don't know which part of our island you're from ^^;)

Either way, excellent use of the greenscreen effect for what it is, was this made in Garrys mod or Source Filmaker?

Anyway, wish you luck on future pictures being as good as this one, even if they're not as patriotic.

Also if I may say, damn this 100 word minimum rule, had to really draw this critque out from it. Still, have fun!
A Moonlight Swim
Was testing around with a more diverse range of Post Processing and lighting, here is the result.

In this picture, Delta and Applejack are about to set off on a nice swim in the depths of a exotic ocean and their own passion for each other~

(Not too much backstory for this but hey, that leaves more room for imagination ^^)

Delta Hooves owned by me
Applejack owned by Hasbro Studios
A Thorn in One's Side 1-5: Retaliation
A comic collab between me and :iconwallyreloaded: who owns Accurate Scroll. Featuring Gamespark owned by :iconnintenjordan:

Following the briefing given by Shining Armour, despite the damage to a certain wall, Delta, Accurate and Gamespark alongside Trixie take a break the day after to reflect on what happened while they await the arrival of Applejack and Diamond Petal.

However, a certain Gryphon once thought deceased may have other ideas.
Delta the Traitor
(Based off a game of Trouble in Terrorist Town)

Delta: Hey Boby. Any idea who the traitor is?
Boby: Not yet, you?
Delta: I think I know, check the scoreboard, how many are not M.I.A?
Boby: According to this only me and you... wait-

Delta [M1911] Boby


6 Others: *Yells of rage in voice chat*

Featuring Boby from :iconxtremeterminator4:
A Valentines Day at the beach
I know it's kinda late in the day for this to be posted up in the UK, but hey, it's still Valentines here so I might as well ^^

To those of you with or without someone to spend this day on, I hope you all had a great Valentines day and that even better times may lay ahead of you ^^
Heyo chaps! Delta here :)

Ok, I know I haven't been posting alot recently but this year in 2017 that is going to change. Though for a big project of mine, I could use some help in something that's surprisingly not be done with Gmod Ponies yet.

What I'm needing is a model that can be attached to Pony Ragdolls, just like that Spacesuit and TRONY packs, though what I need is Star Wars Clone Trooper Armour and Jedi Robes. If anyone can pick up on this need/link me to someone who can, please let me know :)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Name: Delta Hooves
Age: 21
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Colours (Fur): Light Green
Colours (Mane): Brown
Colours (Tail): Black
Cutie Mark: Delta Force Insignia
Social Grading: Friendly, occasionally flirty, protective.
Family: Unknown (was taken for military experimentation as foal, Project Spartan)
Motto: "That others may live..."


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